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Ideal Customer Profile – Part 1: Introduction

In a world responding to the Mega Trends of Digital Transformation and Customer First, companies are under pressure to act strategically, collaborate proactively and respond quickly, earning their customer’s business month on month, time over time. Selecting companies for whom you can best deliver value makes that a lot easier. Over this series of posts

The Most Strategic Sales Problems

The Next Level of Sales Problems

In my last post I described both the symptoms – the Bad Things That Happen – that point to sales problems, and the underlying causes of those problems, in Level 1 sales engagements. At Level 1; if the customer purchases your product it is not going to fundamentally change their business; the impact is fairly

Discovering Sales Problems – Part 1

The first step to improvement in anything is to understand where you might be failing. If that sounds like a negative approach it is intended not to depress you but to highlight the areas in which you might have improvement opportunities. Before you can fix any problem, you need to be aware that the problem

In case you thought Digital Transformation was slowing down …

In last year’s Business Performance Benchmark Study, when we looked at the topic that would dominate boardroom conversations in terms of business disruption, the winner – if that’s the right term for a disruption – was very clearly Digital Transformation. 48 percent of study participants put Digital Transformation on the boardroom agenda. That was one

Wasting money on the wrong deals?

Why work on unqualified opportunities when you could be making money? That’s what a good friend of mine – a senior sales executive with a technology company – asks his sales team every week at their regular Friday morning review meeting. I have long argued that whenever you spend time on an unqualified sales opportunity,