Return on Investment in Sales

I’m generally not one to give investment advice. Stock markets are notoriously hard to predict and, in my opinion, you should never invest money you are not prepared to lose. However, I have found a predictor of success on which I am prepared to bet some hard earned dollars. When I invest my personal money,

I hired a new CEO today

Today is a big day at Altify. It’s the start of our new FY18 financial year and we have ambitious plans; to grow even faster than before and maintain our leading market position – while at the same time continuing to take care of our employees and our customers. Today is also a big day

8 Account Planning Facts

The Account Planning Book of Evidence 2016 study was conducted between February and October 2016. The 1,034 participants, from 942 companies in 62 countries, provided unique insight into both the perceived and actual impact of account planning on revenue generation efforts. The customer-first approach that Account Planning encourages continues to be the catalyst to success. Here

4 Steps to Great Sales Management

Kelly is a busy sales manager who manages a team of B2B enterprise sales people. Working for ContourIQ, she has an expansive sales territory covering most of the Midwest of the United States. With nine sellers on her team, there are two top performers who she knows she can count on every quarter. At the

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